Our Favorite T’s

Target and Trader Joe’s that is! After a quick breakfast of avocado toast for me, and blueberry applesauce, avocado, and banana pancakes for James we headed out the door for some early morning errands. Our errand run included two of our favorite stores so neither one of us were complaining about the morning to-do list.

We stopped at Target first because I knew that we would be picking up a few freezer items from Trader Joe’s and I didn’t want them to melt. Below is a before and after picture of our trip to Target. James has discovered “cart surfing” AKA he prefers to stand in the shopping cart now because hello, “it’s way more fun that way mom!” Of course we went into Target for one item and came out with four. But when is that not the case? We didn’t splurge on anything crazy, I just decided to pick up some sunscreen for all of us, along with some clear duct tape for the air conditioner in James’s room.

Next stop was Trader Joe’s! I never used to be a Trader Joe’s shopper up until a few months ago and now we seem to have our staple TJ’s items. Of course whenever we’re in there I’m always eyeing new products, particularly in the ice cream cooler, so not only did we buy some more of the brownie crisp coffee ice cream sandwiches (Josiah is obsessed), but also a box of their mini cones which I am very excited to try.

Trader Joe’s makes one particular yogurt that is so good! It’s a little high in sugar, so if I’m going to give it to James I will mix it with plain yogurt. It’s their strawberry vanilla whole milk yogurt and I haven’t been able to find a greek yogurt flavor similar to this in any other store. While it doesn’t sound like anything out of this world, it really does have a unique and wonderful taste.

While we were on vacation last weekend our friends Brian and Sam introduced us to the Trader Joe’s Everyday Seasoning. They made scrambled eggs for us one morning and used the seasoning in them. I didn’t even see them add the seasoning, but as I was eating the eggs for breakfast I was surprised by how much flavor they had. I later found out about the seasoning and knew we needed some in our pantry. I can’t wait to use this versatile seasoning in all kinds of dishes to see how it can enhance the flavors.

As I’ve mentioned before, James is a bread lover. I’m all in support of bread, but I feel better feeding him bread rich in nutrients whenever I can. Nutritionally speaking, sprouted grain bread is top of the line. The sprouting process enhances the nutrient content of the bread making it extra rich in protein, fiber, B vitamins, and vitamin C. It is not always easy to find sprouted grain bread, and tends to be more expensive than other loaves of bread. I was so happy to discover Trader Joe’s sprouted grain bread, it is reasonably priced, and James eats it with no complaints. A win all around!

Last but not least, TJ’s dried mango. A grocery shopping lifesaver. James gets very antsy when we are at the grocery store, hence the Target photos above. But when we are doing our real deal grocery shopping for the week I can’t let him stand up in the cart. That’s where the dried mango comes in. When James starts to lose it at the grocery store, I pull out a piece or two of dried mango and it keeps him occupied for a good amount of time without making a total mess. His hands and face get a little sticky, but anything to keep him seated and occupied is worth it in my mind. I enjoy snacking on this dried mango as well 🙂

So there you have it! Totally unsponsored praise for Trader Joe’s (and Target). I hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday!

Question of the Day: Are you a Trader Joe’s shopper? If so, what are your favorite products?


Hi I'm Rae and I am a pastor's wife and mom to our one year old son James. I recently started blogging as a way to share my recovery journey from an eating disorder, as well as married life, motherhood, food, and faith. Hop along for the ride, I’m glad you’re here!

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