Friday Favorites #2

Happy Friday everyone! Does anyone have any fun plans for the weekend? We don’t have a whole lot on the agenda, just hoping to enjoy some family time and hangout with friends. It’s my dad’s birthday tomorrow, but he and my mom are going camping for the weekend so his birthday party might get combined with Father’s Day next weekend, we’ll see. Below you’ll find a roundup of things I’ve been loving this week, thanks for reading!

Adirondack Vacation

Yep, I’m putting our trip to the ADK’s first on the list because it was definitely a highlight of the week! Although we were very happy to be reunited with James on Sunday, Josiah and I both had a blast spending time with our friends last weekend. For more details, you can read about our trip here and here.

Walks with James

James and I usually go on a morning walk after breakfast. The fresh air combined with a podcast are the perfect combination to start the day. James seems content (most of the time) to kick back and relax in his stroller while taking in the scenes around him. Lately I have been packing him a snack and his water bottle to keep him entertained and his belly happy. I’ve been listening to sermons from Josh Howerton from Lakepointe Church in Texas, his energy and messages are always so up-lifting.

Simple Summer Dinners

When the temperatures rise, I start to lose motivation to turn on the oven and/or stand over a hot stove for any extended period of time. Our dining room also tends to be the hottest room in the apartment, so eating certain meals sounds unappealing to us in the summer months. I’ve been trying to keep things quick and easy lately and opting for meals that sound refreshing. Here are a few of our dinners from the week.

Monday night was breaded parmesan chicken tenders with side salads, corn and sourdough toast with butter. I made chicken and veggie fried rice on Wednesday and am still amazed by how quickly that meal comes together! Last night we had honey lemon garlic salmon with pesto couscous mixed with roasted vegetables. So simple, but also really delicious.

Justin Bieber’s (relatively) New Album “Justice”

Hello! I know that I might be late to the game here but I’ve actually been listening to this album for quite a few weeks now. The songs are just so catchy. It’s 100% pop, but if you’re a fan of that genre and/or Justin Bieber in general and haven’t listened yet, give it a try!

Nana Visits

James and I went over to visit Nana yesterday afternoon. She lives about 10-15 minutes away so it’s an easy trip for us to make! She loves spending time with James and James loves exploring her apartment. His latest discovery is her radio which he has mastered turning on and off. Yesterday he even changed the station to one that he “liked” and immediately started dancing to the song that was playing. When the song ended and the radio hosts started talking, he turned it off. It was probably all one big coincidence but I like to think it was intentional ;).

Question of the day: What have you been loving this week?

Have a great day my friends!


Hi I'm Rae and I am a pastor's wife and mom to our one year old son James. I recently started blogging as a way to share my recovery journey from an eating disorder, as well as married life, motherhood, food, and faith. Hop along for the ride, I’m glad you’re here!

4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites #2

    1. Thanks Kelly! I had know idea who you were at first and then I was like, duh! Haha! The couscous is so easy, I roasted zucchini, squash, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and corn and tossed them with couscous and pesto. It’s one of my favorite side dishes!


      1. That sounds super easy and so good! Next game we’ll have to make it, move away from the ratatouille 😂


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