Toddler Meals: 14 Months Old

Hey Y’all! I’ve got a whole lot of food photos on my phone, specifically James’s meals so I figured I would share another roundup of what James has been eating as he continues to transition to real food. I shared a recap of his 12 month meals a while back, if you’re interested. Lord help us with this kid, it feels like a VERY slow transition and he is just now learning how to swallow food rather than chewing and spitting it out. Kind of gross, but that is what eating has looked like for him since we first introduced solids at the age of 6 months. There’s still plenty of food that gets thrown out and/or spit out, but we are making progress.

I’ve found myself trying to get more up to date on what’s safe for James to eat, more in terms of how foods are prepared rather than the type of food. When you first introduce foods to babies you start with very large pieces and it gradually gets smaller as they get older. So you give a tiny baby a big piece of food and a big baby a tiny piece of food, now that’s a mind twister. Ha! My go-to website is Solid Starts, and I’ve learned many things that I didn’t know before about teaching babies how to eat. It’s one of those skills that we all learned so long ago we don’t even remember learning it. But wow, it is a LEARNED skill for sure.

Before I ramble too long, here’s a look at what James has been eating…


Banana oatmeal pancakes with cashew butter, peaches, yogurt, and cheerios.

Greek yogurt pancakes with almond butter, cheerios, and strawberries.

Blueberry bagel, scrambled eggs, and watermelon.

French toast, banana slices, and yogurt.

Almond flour blueberry pancakes, strawberry yogurt, and more blueberries!


Buttermilk waffles with peanut butter, tangerine slices, and roasted broccoli.

Cinnamon raisin bagel, cherries, and a veggie salad.

Tuna salad on crackers, celery, strawberries, and roasted sweet potato.

Peanut butter sandwich, shredded mozzarella, and yellow bell pepper slices.

Pesto couscous with roasted vegetables and salmon, orange slices, and puffs.


Veggie marinara pasta, watermelon, and salad.

Roasted asparagus, strawberries, and cashew butter toast.

Roasted cauliflower with marinara, vegetable baked gnocchi, and cantaloupe.

Peanut butter toast, turkey, corn, and peppers.

Beef spinach pasta, orange slices, and mixed veggies.

There you have it, a glimpse into our little guy’s eats. I try to take photos of most of his meals, and these are truly the highlights. I really need to get some “after” photos too, because these “pretty plates” lasts merely seconds before succumbing to James’s hands and face. It is a test at every meal, challenging my need for cleanliness. Also, praise the parents who’s kids eat exactly what they are eating. I would love for James to get to that point, but I’m not holding my breath. It’s a constant learning curve over here and there are lots of meals that are thrown together. If you’ve got little ones at home, be sure to give yourself grace, parenting ain’t easy.

Have a lovely day everyone πŸ™‚


Hi I'm Rae and I am a pastor's wife and mom to our one year old son James. I recently started blogging as a way to share my recovery journey from an eating disorder, as well as married life, motherhood, food, and faith. Hop along for the ride, I’m glad you’re here!

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