Firetruck, Splash Pad, Birthday Party, and More!

Happy Monday to you! Here we are at the beginning of another week! James and I don’t have too many plans on the agenda for the week, but I hope to fill our days with lots of summer activities and outdoor fun! Maybe a few playdates too? We’ll see!


On Friday morning we had some unexpected visitors at our apartment building, the fire department! They were doing a routine assessment, and were very kind to let James explore their fire truck. He might need another year under his belt before he fully understands the concept, but I was impressed with the “vroom vroom” noises he was making as Josiah toured him around the truck.

Our weekend plans kicked off with a trip to a new-to-us playground and splash pad. It was about a 45 minute drive, but SO worth it. I have never been to a splash pad before and it was a blast. Josiah and I were so giddy, I think it reminded us of a mini waterpark! James was hesitant at first, but quickly warmed up to all of the water-filled fun!

Prior to the splash pad opening, we explored the beautiful playground right nearby. I loved the fact that this was a turf playground as James LOVES to eat wood chips and rocks which are commonly found at most playgrounds. Once again, I think Josiah and I had just as much fun exploring this playground as James did. They even had a double-sided swing that you could go on with your little one. So cool!

We couldn’t head home without making a stop at Bob’s BBQ for an early lunch. It’s a once a year stop for us since it’s in the middle of nowhere, but worked out perfectly with our morning activities because it was only 10 minutes away from the park and on our way home!

The food was delicious as usual, and James got some extra play time in thanks to the adorable kid area they have on-site. He even dug in to some of the BBQ chicken which was shocking! Must’ve been good 🙂


We all slept in Saturday morning, which is never taken for granted these days. I always appreciate when James decides to sleep in on a weekend day. Originally we had planned to get an early start and head over to another splash pad before going to a family birthday party, but ended up opting for a slow morning at home before our travels. We went through a Starbucks drive-thru on our way to the party and I thought it would be a fun idea to order James a “puppacino” aka cup of whipped cream, as you can see he loved the idea and I quickly regretted it, ha!

We enjoyed a fun afternoon of kid-chaos and catching up with family while munching on Wegmans subs, cake, and ice cream! Lots of kids and babies on Josiah’s side of the family.


Sunday was filled with a lot of the usual, Josiah went to the church bright and early while James and I did a quick neighborhood walk followed by a few errands at Target and Trader Joe’s (our favorites!). We joined Josiah for church at 10:30 followed by a relaxing afternoon. Josiah stayed home with James so that he could nap and I got out of the apartment for an afternoon with the ladies! We gathered for a little girl’s lunch and conversation and while our group didn’t have a lot of energy (hello, lazy Sunday!) it was still nice to see everyone and spend a few hours with some of my best friends <3.

Question of the Day: What activities did you get up to this weekend?

Talk to you soon friends 🙂


Hi I'm Rae and I am a pastor's wife and mom to our one year old son James. I recently started blogging as a way to share my recovery journey from an eating disorder, as well as married life, motherhood, food, and faith. Hop along for the ride, I’m glad you’re here!

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