BBQ, Burgers, and Other Food Highlights from the Week

Hello to you, and happy Thursday! How’s the week going for you? It’s time for my favorite blog post of the week, all about food! I’ve shared a few glimpses oF the yumminess happening around here this week, but let’s dive in to the rest of the goods!

Gotta love a simple sandwich combo for lunch. On the sandwich was mayo, ham, salami, tomato, pickles and spinach, paired with leftover pasta salad. Hit the spot!

We also love a “throw together salad” that looks way prettier than it deserves. Haha. A bed of lettuce topped with tomatoes, celery, shredded carrot, chickpeas, ham, and swiss.

Date night dinner of eggplant napoleon and a devoured bread plate. I wish Josiah liked eggplant because I would definitely try to recreate this simple yet flavorful dish at home. According to the menu description it was grilled eggplant, topped with tomatoes and marinated mozzarella served over homemade marinara sauce. It was SO GOOD!

How can we forget about Bob’s BBQ that was thoroughly enjoyed after an eventful morning at the splash pad!

Summer Risotto Stuffed Peppers from How Sweet Eats. She has one of my favorite food blogs around, and these stuffed peppers are just one of the reasons why I keep coming back to her recipes time and time again. This dish is vegetarian, and a wonderful summery twist on a traditional stuffed pepper. If you’re looking for a comforting yet seasonal meal, give this one a try!

Speaking of How Sweet Eats, here’s another great recipe for you! These are her cheeseburger sliders and Josiah and I are both in love (with each other of course, as well as all of this cheeseburger goodness!). These are the perfect meal to throw together on a busy weeknight, and they work well for us because there’s no grill needed and they taste amazing!

And because we couldn’t eat sliders alone for dinner, here’s a look at the full meal. Sliders, tots, and tomato cucumber salad. Perfect amount of comforting and refreshing.

An impressively easy salad that I brought to girl’s lunch the other day. Mixed greens, strawberries, blueberries, goat cheese, and honey roasted almonds. If I am feeling extra fancy, I’ll add grilled chicken and avocado to this salad. YUM. Top with balsamic and you’re good to go!

And a few throwbacks to round out today’s foodie post. How can we forget the chocolate zucchini muffins and pizza from Sally’s Baking Addiction? Seems like we had a healthy week over here…Ha!

Question of the Day: What have you been eating this week?

Have a great Thursday, friends!


Hi I'm Rae and I am a pastor's wife and mom to our one year old son James. I recently started blogging as a way to share my recovery journey from an eating disorder, as well as married life, motherhood, food, and faith. Hop along for the ride, I’m glad you’re here!

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