A Tuesday In The Life: August 2021

Good morning and happy September! I’ve got a day in the life post for you guys today. If you’re wondering what it’s like to parent a 16 month old, this is the post for you. I tried to keep the words short and let the pictures do the talking, because there’s a lot of them!

Our day started with some salted brown butter banana zucchini baked oatmeal that I made during nap time Monday. Thanks to my meal prep, breakfast on Tuesday (and the rest of the week) was a breeze.

Unfortunately James is not a fan of oatmeal in any form. I guess it’s the texture? He won’t eat baked oatmeal, creamy oatmeal, or anything in between. Looks like he’ll be eating something else for breakfast the rest of the week…

Shortly after breakfast cleanup we hit the road and went to my elementary school playground for a change of scenery. We got there pretty early and no one else was out. Without anyone to play with James got bored quickly and started wandering in all directions. He has much more fun when other kids are involved.

Swings are his favorite thing ever right now. He loves both the baby swings and adult swings in the form of sitting on our lap and going extra high.

Despite the playground being too quiet for this little guy, it was a beautiful morning to be outside! Look at those blue skies!

Next stop, the lake! I was torn between taking him to my parents house or continuing our outdoor adventures. I think I chose correctly because as soon as James saw the lake he immediately starting running towards it saying “baaaaa”, his current word for water.

The boat launch was a little slippery so while James would have loved to run straight into the water, I tried to keep him close to shore. Not to mention his lack of swimsuit. I had one packed, I just didn’t have a chance to put it on him because he ran to the water so fast.

Little lake lover.

We enjoyed spending a good amount of time at the boat launch watching all kinds of boats and swimmers come in and out of the water. There was a playground at the park too where we met the nicest mom and her two little girls. James was more than thrilled to find friends to follow around exploring everything.

A quick stop for lunch to-go (for me), and car snacks for James…until he fell asleep of course.

Sometimes if he falls asleep in the car I’ll just transfer him to his crib for his afternoon nap, but it was a little early. I woke him up when we got home and he quickly transitioned back into play-mode while I put together his lunch of PB&J, cheese crackers, and cucumber.

All was yummy except for the cucumber slices which were left untouched…

As I was cleaning up lunch someone decided to get into trouble.

We have most of our cupboards child-proofed, but James (of course) knows the ones that aren’t and gets into them before I can stop him.

Trying to get him to relax for a few minutes on the couch, he’s an endless ball of energy!

Sipping some iced tea while…

Doing some meal prep.

Meanwhile, a good reminder why I wait until nap time to do anything relaxing or productive.

We made it! After a busy morning James was ready for a nap.

And I was too, but house duties called, in the form of bathroom cleaning. Blah.

Bathroom cleaning was followed by a much needed shower and sitting down to write a blog post, my favorite part of the afternoon!

I decided to bring back a favorite of rice crispies topped with banana slices and a drizzle of honey as my afternoon snack yesterday. Do you ever go back to your childhood snacks and wonder where they have been all these years?!

Once James (begrudgingly) awoke from his nap, it was time for a bottle and some couch cuddles. He has been waking up slowly in the afternoon’s and I am happy to snuggle with him as he eases back into the day.

A walk down the road to Grandma’s was next on our activity list for the day. We picked up some fresh basil from her garden, and played and chatted for a while with her, Grandpa,and Uncle John.

We came home around 5:30 and were excited to see Josiah home from work as well! I quickly made our dinner which was this burst tomato and burrata pasta ( I subbed mozzarella), and it was SO GOOD! I’ll be sure to share more details in the food highlights from this week. We enjoyed our bowls of spaghetti with green beans and garlic bread. The best!

James was smacking his lips while eating his plate of food, you know it’s good when it’s lip smackin’ worthy. Haha.

The aftermath of James’s play sessions at home. Even though we were out and about a lot, he still manages to create a mess. Josiah cleaned up dinner while I played with James.

And then we tried to sit down for a minute on the couch together…

Someone does not like to be left out!

Much better 🙂

After a final post-dinner run around for James, it was bath and bed time for this little guy. I have my women’s Bible study on Tuesday nights and had a great study with the ladies! Once I had signed off of Bible study, Josiah and I caught up a little bit (distraction free) and went to bed right around 9:30pm.

I’m finishing this post Wednesday morning, and I see James stirring in his crib. Looks like it’s time to start another day. I hope you guys have a wonderful Wednesday!


Hi I'm Rae and I am a pastor's wife and mom to our one year old son James. I recently started blogging as a way to share my recovery journey from an eating disorder, as well as married life, motherhood, food, and faith. Hop along for the ride, I’m glad you’re here!

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