5 Minute Vegetable Marinara Sauce

I’m sharing this “recipe” on a whim today, and as I was in the final steps of making it this afternoon I snapped a few pictures. I put the word recipe in quotes because it hardly requires any cooking and seriously comes together in 5 minutes. But it’s packed with veggies and very versatile! James […]

25 Minute Caprese Chicken Thighs with Lemon Basil Couscous

Good morning to you on this lovely Tuesday! How’s everything going? Yesterday I had planned to make chimichurri grilled chicken thighs with a couscous salad, but realized that I had used up all of our cilantro (aka the main ingredient in the chimichurri), plus I wanted to get away from cilantro since we’ve been eating […]

The BEST 5 Minute Breakfast Burrito

Or lunch, because as I’m sitting down to type this post, I just inhaled this breakfast burrito and it is well past lunchtime over here. I promise this burrito will hit the spot any time of the day! Why hello everyone, long time no chat! I’ve found my blogging time, aka nap time to be […]