Friday Favorites #8

It’s still Friday, so that’s a win! Hello everyone! How was your week? We had a good one over here full of all things SUMMER. Let’s dive into my favorites from the week before the day totally escapes me, haha.

  • Breakfast Sandwiches

We had breakfast sandwiches while camping last weekend and I’ve been craving more of them ever since! Luckily we had leftover bagels and cheese, which made for the perfect excuse to keep the train rolling with breakfast sandwiches quite a few mornings this week. Topped with Trader Joe’s Everyday Seasoning of course πŸ™‚

  • Couch Cuddles

Yes, James has a tear rolling down his cheek, but shortly after this photo was taken he warmed up to a little cuddle session on the couch yesterday after dinner. He was hyper-charged and I thought for sure that some relaxation on the couch would be the last thing he would want, and it was at first. But then he settled down next to me and we just sat there for a good 20 minutes before his bath. It was easily the best part of the day and so shocking! I love these moments with James <3.

I made this recipe for a blueberry avocado quinoa salad the other day and it reminded me how nice it is to put a little effort into lunch sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, easy lunches are where it’s at…PB&J, leftovers, random snacks from the pantry, yes to all of that and more. Once in a while I get the desire for something more fancy, and this was an awesome lunch bowl! It did require some prep work, but offers a fantastic lunch and leftovers for the rest of the week.

I got around to making one of the breakfast items I mentioned earlier this week, a batch of whole wheat greek yogurt muffins. The baked oatmeal hasn’t happened yet, but there’s always next week! These muffins come together quick, and they are bland, but not to the point where they are inedible. In fact, James has been enjoying them more than I thought (and so have I)! They have been a great on-the-go snack option for him and they don’t make too much of a mess, well one that can’t be easily cleaned up at least. As you can see, he left behind quite the crumb collection in his stroller.

Don’t mind my sandy hands. Who else loves silicone rings? They are so much fun! I love that you can easily match the ring color to your outfit, and I often find myself unconsciously playing with these rings throughout the day. Plus, they are cheap so if to lose it in the sand or water, it’s not a big deal.

  • Summer!

We’re loving summer this year especially since the whole family can enjoy it! I’m pretty sure I spent most of last summer still navigating the newborn and early baby stages of life. To be able to get outside again feels great!

Question of the Day: What’s one thing you’re loving this week?

Have a great weekend everyone!

Lake Days

I am 100% stealing this blog post title from another blogger I follow, but it truly sums up our week so far. We have been soaking up all of the lake time possible, and it’s been the best summer routine yet! Full time mom life is feeling good lately:)

On Monday I decided to bring James to one of my favorite childhood places, a Yacht Club on the lake with a perfect sandy beach and swimming area, along with all kinds of other places to explore. Going to Willowbank with James brings back so many fun memories with friends and family from all of the summers that I spent swimming, sailing, and running all over the grounds playing hide and seek, capture the flag, cops and robbers, etc. Hello, childhood!

Unlike some other beaches I’ve taken James to this summer, this one feels manageable for me and toddler. It’s small enough that you aren’t running back and forth trying to keep track of your stuff on top of chasing after your child, toys are provided which lightens the load, and in general I am really familiar with the space and I feel comfortable there which makes a huge difference.

I’ve said this once and I’ll probably say it a million more times before the summer is over, but how in the world do people survive winter with young children? The beach is just so much fun and also exhausting, James has been absolutely wiped every afternoon and taking the best naps. This has been nice for me because I am also just as tired after our water filled mornings and it gives me a chance to relax a bit and catch up on chores.

I should probably stop worrying about the upcoming months and just embrace what we’ve got for now. If you’re looking for us, we’ll be at the lake! Josiah had Tuesday off which is why he is featured in a lot of these photos (hey love!), and as you can tell, we were back at the lake for another day of water fun!

I have been wrestling with my goal-driven, need-to-stay busy self about mom life lately and always fighting the feeling that I need to be doing more, usually in the sense of finding some kind of job outside of motherhood. But then there are days like these where I feel so incredibly lucky to be home with James (and Josiah) enjoying all kinds of summer fun. It makes me want to hold onto these moments forever and not change a thing. Any other moms feel me on this?

People always tell me that the time goes by too quickly, so I am going to do my best to embrace each day that I get with James and his tiny little mind and body, and cut myself a break on the “you’re not doing enough” self talk. Easier said than done.

On a totally separate note, I feel like my posts have been so lifestyle focused that I haven’t even touched base with mental health or anything faith related recently. I definitely want to get back to these topics and check in with you guys on some deeper stuff, but I also feel like those posts require a lot more time and mental energy which have just felt limited lately. All of this to say, I have not dropped the ball on mental health or my faith, I just haven’t been as vocal about these areas recently.

I still have no idea where this blog is going or if I plan to do this long term, but isn’t that just life these days? If you’re feeling just as lost, I’m with ya!

Thanks for stopping by the blog today and reading through my rambling! Have a great day πŸ™‚

Friday Favorites #3

Hey y’all! How’s everyone doing this week? James and I got out of our usual routine and took a trip to South Carolina earlier this week. I am feeling very grateful for the change of scenery and time with family. Which brings me to my first favorite of the week…

  • Family Time

We got to soak up lots of time with family the past couple of days and it was so much fun! I love a bustling beach house. James did too, as it meant lots of people giving him attention. This is an annual trip for my family and it’s usually the only week during the year that we get to spend together.

  • Sun, Sand, and Surf

The name of the game. I appreciated the fact that the beach and ocean offered instant entertainment for James, no toys necessary. Although he did spot a cute girl named Baker one morning who was pulling a little wagon full of sand toys. James quickly caught on to that fun and started shuffling down the beach in pursuit of Baker and her wagon. Luckily she was willing to share πŸ™‚

  • Having a Twin

I happen to be married to a twin, hi Josiah and John! It’s also been a life goal of mine to be twins with people, so I was more than thrilled when I realized I had bought James and I yellow shirts that *almost matched. Still soaking up our twin moment. These also happened to be our travel outfits on Wednesday, just look for the two in yellow!

  • The Sweetest Husband

Can we just flashback for a second to the most patriotic and beautiful welcome home sign that Josiah greeted us with on Wednesday night. It is still putting smile on my face.

  • Date Nights

Speaking of flashbacks, if you read my post yesterday, I was talking about having a good day but I knew that anything could happen to upset the mood. Well, Josiah and I got totally rained out on our date night last night. Downright drenched. It was discouraging at first but we rallied our spirits and didn’t let our soaking clothes stop us from ending the night with a drive (blasting the heat) for some ice cream. Ain’t nothing gonna stop me from getting ice cream on date night. Ha!

Question of the Day: What’s one thing making you smile this week?

Footprints in the Sand

I was thinking this to myself as I watched James wander all over the beach this morning leaving tiny footprints along the way. A beach of endless possibilities in the eyes of a one year old.

We started our day with another patriotic breakfast, although James hasn’t been super into any of his meals here. There is way too much fun to be had, sitting down to eat is the last thing on his mind.

Shortly after breakfast it was off to the beach! I’m trying to get us there as early as possible to beat the powerful rays. The ocean is always calm and peaceful in the mornings too, it’s my favorite time of day at Pawleys.

James quickly took off down the beach as soon as I planted his feet in the sand. No hesitation today. He walked all over the wide beach with no rhyme or reason. It took him a while to get in the water, but it’s so sweet to watch his little body react to the ocean currents pulling the waves in and out. His face in pure amazement.

My parents picked up a stroller off the side of the road the other day and brought it to the beach with them. It’s working great as a little buggy for carting James around when he doesn’t feel like walking.

I can’t complain about my blogging views lately. James has been crashing around 11am every day, which works well for us. He gets a break from the heat and I get a chance to kick back and relax…and as soon as I type that James wakes up. Ahh, life with a baby πŸ™‚

I hope y’all are enjoying some fun in the sun today!

Happy 4th from the Beach

Happy 4th everyone! James and I arrived to Pawley’s Island VERY late last night. We didn’t go to bed until after midnight! Our plane was delayed, and after screaming his lungs out for the first half of the flight, James finally passed out in my arms for the remainder. I’ll spare you all of the travel details for now, that could be a whole post in and of itself. Most importantly, we made it safely and it’s the 4th of July on the island and the rest of the country!

James slept in a bit later than usual, and we started our day with the most patriotic breakfast I could come up with. Gotta love a red white and blue breakfast on the 4th.

Soon after breakfast, it was off to the beach! James is already a big fan of the ocean and all of the sand. I was filled with joy watching his little mind take in the beach scene for the first time. I can’t wait for him to get even more comfortable with the environment in the next couple of days, I have a feeling we have a beach baby in the making.

We missed out on the Pawley’s Island parade in favor of a nap, but I’m sure our afternoon will be filled with lots of adventures. I’ve got a pasty white baby on my hands, so we just have to be careful about the blazing sun later. Maybe some shaded fun will be in our best interest.

I hope you are all out there enjoying this beautiful day! I’ll stop by soon with more updates πŸ™‚