A Quiet Evening

Good Evening! I hope that you all had a nice day. Our day consisted of lots of walking, James is 13 months old and finally getting the hang of the whole walking thing. He’s keeping me on my toes for sure! The highlight of our day was going to the therapy pool at the YMCA this afternoon. We enjoyed some leisurely swimming in the warm pool with a sweet woman who was just thrilled to be sharing the pool with James. James was equally happy to have company in the pool so that he could show off all of the skills he’s learned in swim lessons. Which to be honest, he doesn’t have many. I’m just happy that he enjoys water. As a baby I absolutely hated water so he’s already one step ahead of me. Josiah leads youth group on Wednesday nights so it has been a quiet night around here.

Yesterday My mom brought over a large chocolate chip cookie from a local bakery and I decided to make two ice cream sandwiches out of it for dessert tonight. I’m trying to hold off until Josiah gets home but they look so delicious. I am very much a dessert person and almost always eat a bedtime snack, usually something sweet but occasionally popcorn really hits the spot. Josiah is not much of a dessert person, but I am trying to convert him πŸ™‚ Life’s too short to skip dessert!

Question of the Evening: Are you a dessert person? If so, what’s your favorite nightly treat?

Sleep well my friends!