Saturday Coffee Date

Happy Saturday afternoon everyone! I always seem to sit down for blogging coffee dates in the afternoon, but I’m certainly not drinking any coffee right now. What’s everyone up to today? I’m sure you’re all out enjoying some kind of summer activity. I’m staring out at a beautiful day over in our neck of the woods.

We are having some down time while James naps. I am in the middle of making healthy peanut butter twix bars, that we miraculously had all of the ingredients to make, praise! I’m finding these bars to be easy as well. They are only time consuming because of the cooling process in between steps. I don’t mind a recipe with built in down time. Still questioning where to set my expectations with these bars, they are labeled as “healthy”, but I’m holding onto hope that they taste good. Stay tuned!

Josiah took James out for a hike this morning and I got a little solo time at the apartment. It always goes by too fast, and I feel like I’m either unsatisfied by the things I get accomplished or I have no idea what to do with myself. Today I did a quick barre workout. Literally haven’t done any kind of workout for months besides walking, and this 15 minute workout kicked my butt. Plus I’m not sure how I feel about exercise these days. I wish I had more time and energy to exercise but I just don’t. Mothering a one year old, while it doesn’t tone my muscles, somehow feels like a workout every day. I also showered and next thing I knew the boys were home.

We went to a graduation party around lunchtime up at the church and James made a new best friend, Danielle. Well I’m not sure how James felt about the relationship, but Danielle was more than thrilled to cling to James the whole time. James is in one year old independent mode these days. Meanwhile I’m in invisible mom mode trying to keep an eye on James without invading his space. It’s a great time.

Let’s get back to the coffee, shall we? I worked in a coffee bar for almost 5 years and barely drank a sip of coffee, yet I have a fondness for the art of coffee and espresso. It smells amazing, latte art is fun, and creating different drink flavors and names is also a hobby of mine. Would I ever go back to working in a coffee bar? Absolutely! My husband thinks I should aim for higher stars, but I’m content with the low ones.

Coffee dates around here seem to equate to me talking about whatever comes to mind. Basically just a one sided conversation because my company right now is working away at his computer and I’m trying not to be a distraction. Life of a pastor’s wife…

Ok folks, off to finish those bars. Thanks for taking the time to stop by the blog today. I hope you have a great day πŸ™‚

Friday Coffee Date

Happy Friday everyone! Does anyone have any fun plans for the weekend? We have a couple of Father’s Day celebrations going on, maybe a trip to the park with James, and hopefully some delicious meals…my favorite, always πŸ™‚ It’s a 3pm coffee date today, for all of my caffeine people. Those of you that can drink coffee this late, how?! I say that as I sit across from my husband who’s drinking a caramel iced latte at the moment…

I don’t have a list of favorites today, I feel like they would be a little boring this week. So instead we are going to have a quick coffee date! More as an imaginative place for me to escape to since I’m sitting in my usual spot in our apartment. Let’s all pretend we’re at a lovely cafe in any location you’d like to be in right now. Ahhh…

I have been laughing out loud at the 5 minute marinara sauce I posted yesterday. Raving about how it was a lifesaver for getting James to eat vegetables. Truly a comical moment because a few hours after I published the post James didn’t touch his pasta with the vegetable marinara sauce at dinner. He much preferred the strawberries and bread that were on his plate. It turns out I can’t promise miracles at the dinner table.

Almost mask free! That’s where my mindset is as I anxiously wait to get my second Covid shot this Tuesday. I’m excited and nervous. So many mixed reviews about side affects from the second shot. Either way, I can’t wait for the freedom of not wearing a mask everywhere.

Summer plans anyone? Such a great season. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about winter, but with a baby in the mix winter just seems harder. Like it takes an hour just to get properly dressed and out the door type of hard. Summer on the other hand, throw on a pair of flip flops, lather on the sunscreen and you’re good to go! I sort of kid, because let’s be honest there are still a million things to pack for summer, but it’s all for fun. James and I are looking forward to a mini beach vacation in a few weeks with family down in South Carolina, I’m hoping he loves the beach as much as I do!

Does anyone else dream about ice cream non-stop all summer? That’s where I’m at. I plan activities around stops for ice cream, and it quickly becomes the highlight of every weekend. Let’s add ice cream to the list of why summer is the best.

Alrighty folks, that’s all I’ve got for ya today. Behind the scenes I’m working hard on releasing my first meal plan for you guys so stay tuned for that! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Question of the day: What’s your favorite season during the year and why?