A Morning on Foot

Hey guys, coming at ya late today. I hope you’re all having a wonderful Wednesday so far. We have had a good day over here, but also a trying one. Parenting is TOUGH some days, and I’m only dealing with one baby, bless all of you out there juggling more! Yesterday in therapy we spent a lot of time talking about limits and today has been a perfect example of pushing my limit. It has been all I can do to make it to James’s nap time and I’m going to have to rally hard for the energy and patience to get through the rest of the day.

James and I spent the first half of our day on foot. I am always looking for new ways to spend the morning rather than doing the same routine every day, so today I packed a backpack, water bottles, snacks, and blankets for a morning around town. James hopped in the stroller (as if), more like I strapped him into the stroller and we were off!

First stop, the grocery store. Did we go grocery shopping yesterday morning? Yes, but of course I forgot a few things in the madness of scrambling together a list at the last minute. A quick in and out and we were on our way to the park.

James and I explored a park right down the road from where we live. This is the first time he’s been since becoming mobile and I have a feeling we will be frequenting this park on a regular basis. James was having so much fun he didn’t want to leave when it was time to make our way to story time about an hour later. Let the toddler battles begin.

Sure enough, we managed to successfully leave the park and walk over to the library just in time for a story. What. A .Disaster. There was so much potential for story time to be a great experience, but it just wasn’t for us. James wanted to be on the move, and was moving everywhere he shouldn’t have been. Such as climbing onto the stage where our sweet leader was charismatically telling a story, picking off the flowers that were next to the stage, walking into the pond to be with the ducks, trying to chase the (not so friendly) geese near the pond, and eating goose poop. And between all of those no-go activities a lot of screaming and story time disruption. So we left.

Homeward bound! And my companion quickly passed out on the walk home. Phew. The sign of a busy morning for sure.

Let’s not forget about the day starting with James smearing poop all over his onesie. Like I said, it’s been a long day already. I am trying to give myself grace in all of these situations however in the moments leading up to nap time I was at the end of my rope of patience. Hopefully an afternoon recharge is just what I need to power through the remainder of the day.

Thanks for following along on the ups and downs of life!

A Peek into Our Monday

Happy Monday to you! How’s everyone doing? I’m getting a bit of a late start on this Monday. I’d love to have all of my blog posts published in the morning, but sometimes life gets ahead of me. James was up bright and early today and our day has been filled with all kinds of activity.

We started the morning with Kodiak cake waffles topped with peanut butter and bananas, and quickly made our way out the door for a walk around the neighborhood. Before long it was time to head to the library for a dance party. At the last dance party James seemed to be the only child not staying within our designated cones, but this morning he blended right in with the kid chaos. In fact, one of the little girls decided that it would be a good idea to scoop up all of the cones, and before long she had a full stack in her hands. Our dance leader wasn’t too thrilled with this, but I was happy that James wasn’t the only one not following the rules.

Post dance party, we walked around the pond nearby before making our way into the library to do some exploring. James wandered all over the library in his usual one year old random fashion. I simply followed. We signed up for the kids reading program, mostly because there’s a raffle at the end of the summer and the prizes sound really cool! We also walked over to the bank and I FINALLY got the last name on my credit card switched over to my married name. Almost two years after marriage thanks to a global pandemic, baby, and a whole lot of procrastination but I’m glad to finally have it done.

James and I were quite hungry when we got home from our morning activities so I put together a 5 minute lunch and called it a day. I’m using a recycled salad photo here for my lunch and it looks a lot prettier than the salad I threw together today. Also, James and his pizza, crackers and watermelon…health food 101. The perfectionist in me dies in moments like these.

I’ve been working on some household chores while James takes a nap, read a few chapters in the book of Danielle, showered, and am now sitting down to blog. I’m hoping that James stays asleep so that I can hit “publish” and finish up some laundry before the afternoon activities begin. I’m craving something extra fun this afternoon but I really have no idea what that would be. We are attending a free dinner at the church tonight, and that may be the main activity for the evening.

I hope that your week is off to a wonderful beginning!