James’s Monday Face

This is James’s Monday face and honestly I can relate. We both spent the weekend battling runny noses, sneezing, coughing, and endless amounts of tissues. Not my favorite way to spend a summer weekend, but it happens.

We are having ourselves a Monday over here. I gave James cereal for breakfast, he hated it. We went to the library for a dance party, he screamed. Because he was in such a bad mood, we went home. I cannot handle a screaming child in public, it’s the worst. After a quick nap in the car we ate lunch, and then I cleaned the apartment with my trustworthy diaper wipes while James alternated between indoor and outdoor play.

He looked cute for our walk this morning. We’ll count that as a win on this somewhat blah Monday.

How are you doing on this Monday afternoon? Fill me in on all of the fun weekend activities you did!