Fall Friday Coffee Date

Happy Fri-YAY everyone, anyone getting fries to celebrate?! Haha, kidding. But I know someone that wouldn’t turn down a french fry at the sound or smell of one…James. But I titled this a coffee date, so I’m thinking I need to switch gears here. Join me with a cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate (tis’ the season) and let’s chat! How has the week been for you? A good one I hope!

A picture of the most delicious veggie and cheese omelet I got for breakfast the other day at a diner, because I always drink my hot chocolate too fast to take a picture πŸ˜‰

Josiah was off this past week, and while we didn’t travel anywhere it has been a very pleasant staycation for our family. I can’t downplay it too much because we did splurge at the beginning of the week with a most wonderful spa day(!!). It was a much appreciated and enjoyed day of relaxation and pampering. In addition to our signature massages, we enjoyed our time soaking in the hot tub, napping in the peaceful relaxation room, dipping our feet in the warm foot pool, eating a delicious lunch outside looking out at a fairytale pond and gardens, and concluding with luxurious showers and all of the beautifully scented spa products. Ahhh, to live in that kind of paradise forever…we can only dream.

After our day at the spa on Monday, it was back to reality the rest of the week! Cue all of the toddler entertainment and drama. We’ve been trying to keep things as fun and relaxing as possible though in true vacation spirit. I feel like we’ve been eating out more, mostly takeout, but any break from cooking is a vacation for me! And I’ve been letting my usual chores slide a bit in favor of relaxing during James’s naps. Although I got quite a bit of cleaning and laundry done yesterday and despite dragging my feet with all of it, clean sheets and a (mostly) clean apartment does make it feel worthwhile.

Field trip to the mall!

I’m thinking this weekend we’ve got to dive head first into some kind of fall activity. I can’t take it any longer, I need to fully embrace this season and the idea of going to a pumpkin patch, corn maze, or apple fest, all sound amazing! Especially if there is some kind of treat involved, like a warm apple fritter…mmmm πŸ˜‰ I guess I’m feeling especially excited too because I think James will enjoy any kind of fall venue this year and I love experiencing things that are new to him through his eyes. It’s one of my favorite parts about parenting.

James’s first ride on the carousel

Let’s talk about YOU! Any fun and festive weekend plans on the agenda? Are you team apple or pumpkin this time of year? Tough decisions! Another burning question I’ve got for you is, apple cider donut or apple fritter? I don’t even know if I could decide!

Have a great weekend folks! We’ll talk soon πŸ™‚

Footprints in the Sand

I was thinking this to myself as I watched James wander all over the beach this morning leaving tiny footprints along the way. A beach of endless possibilities in the eyes of a one year old.

We started our day with another patriotic breakfast, although James hasn’t been super into any of his meals here. There is way too much fun to be had, sitting down to eat is the last thing on his mind.

Shortly after breakfast it was off to the beach! I’m trying to get us there as early as possible to beat the powerful rays. The ocean is always calm and peaceful in the mornings too, it’s my favorite time of day at Pawleys.

James quickly took off down the beach as soon as I planted his feet in the sand. No hesitation today. He walked all over the wide beach with no rhyme or reason. It took him a while to get in the water, but it’s so sweet to watch his little body react to the ocean currents pulling the waves in and out. His face in pure amazement.

My parents picked up a stroller off the side of the road the other day and brought it to the beach with them. It’s working great as a little buggy for carting James around when he doesn’t feel like walking.

I can’t complain about my blogging views lately. James has been crashing around 11am every day, which works well for us. He gets a break from the heat and I get a chance to kick back and relax…and as soon as I type that James wakes up. Ahh, life with a baby πŸ™‚

I hope y’all are enjoying some fun in the sun today!

Adirondack Vacation Recap Part Two

I’m back with part two of our ADK vacation!

On Friday morning we were all up fairly early, but had a low key morning. I eased into the day by drinking some green tea on the deck while soaking up the beautiful forest views. A group of us did a short yoga session to kick off the day followed by cheesy scrambled eggs, bacon, and monkey bread for breakfast. Yum! After breakfast a some of us went for a hike while others stayed back and enjoyed time at the house playing yard games and such. The hike was really nice, it was a bit of a climb at the end but the views were totally worth it!

It was mid-morning when we returned to the house and happily reunited with the group that stayed back. The girls enjoyed some time chatting on the deck while the boys did their thing. Before we knew it it was time for lunch. Josiah and I brought sandwich supplies, chips, and fruit for lunch on Friday and a hearty sandwich hit the spot.

Lunch was followed by more chit chat, showers, and relaxation before we gathered up motivation to head into town for the afternoon. We made our way to Lake Placid in two cars and spent the afternoon walking in and out of the shops and enjoying the quaint Adirondack village. After a few hours of shopping and spending some time by the lake we made our way to a BBQ restaurant called Smoke Signals for dinner. Unfortunately they didn’t have a table big enough to fit our whole group at the time so we had to split into separate tables near each other. We all agreed that it was a very good meal!

Upon returning to the house we didn’t wait long to get a bonfire up and burning and spent a couple of hours hanging around the fire, eating s’mores and talking. Once it was fully dark, we put the fire out and transitioned into the house for a game of “body body” which is a must play for our group of friends. After many laughs, heated discussions, and lots of running around in a dark house we were all sufficiently exhausted and it was well past many of our bedtimes. Even with our beds calling to us we couldn’t help but take advantage of the clear night sky and laid side by side on the deck watching the stars.

Saturday morning started in a similar way, and after an action packed day and night on Friday we all agreed to have a relaxing morning at the house rather than venture out for another morning hike. After breakfast we enjoyed playing yard games, chopping wood, building hammock towers and practicing yoga. Lunch was provided by David and was every kid’s dream meal of chicken nuggets, fries and quesadillas. We’ll take it! Post lunch everyone was feeling ready to get out for the day so we piled into the cars and made our way back to Lake Placid for a quick stop in the Olympic museum, and walk around mirror lake which concluded with a stop for some delicious ice cream treats from a local creamery on main street.

Since we had shopped quite a bit the day before we decided to keep our visit to lake Placid shorter on Saturday in anticipation of enjoying more down time at the house. Once back, the group split up into various activities, some played board games and the nintendo switch, while others read peacefully in the living room. Dinner was hot dogs, burgers, and pasta salad followed by a game of “hot seat” and then a fire, s’mores, and sharing embarrassing stories with each other. We were all pretty tired Saturday night, so not quite as many late night games happened that night. We had originally planned a stop for frisbee golf on Sunday, but ended up deciding to head home instead. The morning flew by and before we knew it we were saying goodbye to our rental house and a wonderful weekend getaway with friends.

Have a great day everyone!

Adirondack Vacation Recap Part One

Hello friends! I hope that everyone had a great weekend! We are back home from our trip to the Adirondacks with some of our best friends and had an absolute blast! It was our first vacation away from James and while I was nervous about how he would do staying with both of his grandparents (and how I would do without him), we all did well.

Our adventure started bright and early Thursday morning when two of our friends met us at our apartment to ride up together in my dad’s minivan that he kindly let us borrow for the weekend. The car ride flew by with lots of chatter and laughter along the way. At some point on the drive our stomachs started to grumble but it wasn’t quite time for lunch. Somehow we got on the topic of donuts, and I quickly pulled out my phone and googled “donuts near me”. I stumbled on a place that had great reviews and was directly on our route. It happened to be a laundromat/donut shop which seems to be the most random combination in the world but we didn’t let the confusing marketing stop us from taking a quick pit stop to try some of these laundry mat donuts.

Oh my gosh guys these donuts were amazing! I’m not going to lie, it’s one of those places you pull up to and you start to question your decision to stop. The inside was confusing as well with most of it consisting of washers and dryers. Tucked in a corner at the entryway is a small area where donuts and coffee are being sold. Ok, so let me not go on and on about these donuts, but they literally frosted and sprinkled the donuts right in front of you! Such a fun stop, and after the first bite of our donuts we had no regrets.

We arrived in Lake Placid minutes ahead of two more friends, and met up with them for lunch at The Cottage. Great conversation, amazing views and a delicious meal were just what we needed to kick off our ADK vacation. Post lunch we opted for a hike that Josiah and I have done before and thought our friends would really enjoy as well. It’s a 2.5 mile loop that is mostly flat and includes a section that hugs the shore of Lake Placid which makes for a really beautiful walk. It felt good to stretch our legs, get some fresh air, and continue to enjoy the company of our friends.

When we arrived back to our cars it wasn’t quite time to check into our Air B&B but we decided to reach out to the host to see if we could get in a little early. Sure enough, our host got back to us right away and said that our house was ready. We picked up a few pizzas and wings for dinner on the way over to the house since we knew that once we checked in we wouldn’t have the motivation to go back out. Our house was in a very remote location, so limiting trips to civilization was ideal. It was a 30 minute drive from Lake Placid to our house including a section at the end that was a very windy and steep dirt road. I think we were all a little skeptical pulling into the driveway just because getting to the house was a feat in and of itself.

From the driveway the house didn’t look too impressive, but as soon as we stepped in the door we were all pretty blown away. It was shockingly nice considering my lowered expectations upon arrival. The living room had high vaulted ceilings and featured an array of windows, a spacious dining room, deck, multiple fireplace/pit options, finished basement, lots of bedrooms and bathrooms, games, movies, etc. We were all giddy with excitement over our new home for the next couple of days.

After settling in and playing a game or two, our stomachs told us that it was time for dinner. Fortunately dinner came together with little effort as we reheated the pizza and wings, and quickly cut up some veggies. We ate and talked and laughed our way through the evening. Our one friend Sam kindly offered to bring supplies to make homemade chocolate chip cookies, including her mixer from home. I was very impressed as I knew I wouldn’t have the motivation to do that much cooking on vacation. Her cookies were amazing (I still need the recipe) and as we awaited the arrival of a few more friends we nibbled on warm cookies and milk.

Two more friends arrived to the house a little before 10pm, and at that point I was getting pretty tired. While I wanted to stay up with everyone, Josiah and I decided to call it quits for the night and head to bed. The rest of the group watched a movie, played games and relaxed for a few more hours before getting some rest as well. I’m still kicking myself for not just staying up with everyone else because my body and mind had a hard time calming down from all of the vacation excitement and I ended up taking quite a few hours to fall asleep that night. Oh well!

Part two will be coming soon! Happy start to the week everyone!